1918       Born November 15 to Sara Perl Ickowitz and Heinrich Ickowitz, Lodz, Poland.
1921       Family moves to Berlin, Germany.
Heinrich Ickowitz is a shoemaker and has a store in Berlin.
1926       Father abandons family.
Miriam and brother Leo placed in Ahava, Children’s Home, Berlin.
1934       Evacuated with her brother from Berlin with Ahava by the Youth Aliyah.
Sent to Haifa, Palestine by ship.
1936-37  Studied graphics with Hermann Struck and painting with Zvi Mairovich.
Worked in Kadar ceramics factory in Haifa.
1938       Sara Ickowitz comes to Palestine from Berlin.
1938       Entered Bezalel Art School in Jerusalem on a scholarship.
Studied graphics with Joseph Budko.
Studied painting with Mordechai Ardon, who had studied at Bauhaus.
1941        Graduated from Bezalel.
Married Sigmund Laufer, artist and graphic designer.
1942-47  Professional designer.
Worked for the British Army in Palestine lettering signs in Greek, Urdu, Polish, Hebrew, Arabic, English, and French.
1947        Emigrated to New York City.
1948       Sara Ickowitz dies in Jerusalem.
1948-80 Works as fine artist as well as teacher, commercial artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and calligrapher.
1952       First daughter, Susan Bee, born.
1955       Started spending summers in Provincetown, Massachusetts.
1956       Second daughter, Abigail Eve Laufer, born.
1961-63  Teaching Assistant at New York University for Samuel Adler and Leo Manso.
1966       German government finds Heinrich Ickowitz living in Montevideo, Uruguay, where he has had another family and has become an actor in the Yiddish theater.
1971        BA, Magna Cum Laude, Brooklyn College.
1980       Dies in New York of stroke on October 6 at age 61.
2007      Sigmund Laufer dies.


*Some dates are approximate.

Miriam Laufer age 3
Miriam Laufer age 3


Miriam Laufer 1950
Miriam Laufer, c.1958, New York City